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Starting June 27, then monthly: New Moon Serpent Dance Ceremony

Aug 2  Quimera performance: Main Stage 11:05;  
Aug 2-3 Modern Medicine Women booth:  Carnival of the Stars

Sept. 19, 21.  Quimera performances at PUSHfest, at ODC.

Nov 15-16  BAD ASS Dance Festival   Anandha will teach 2 workshops
and Quimera will perform at this amazing festival
PLUS Look for Modern Medicine Women providing free holistic healing services to the bellydance community


Quimera Elder 

and Priestess of Isis, 

Ayah Buonaugurio.


Photo by Anandha Ray


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Dance Photographer Anandha Ray.  

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Master Teacher Anandha Ray.  

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Understanding How The Body Communicates in Movement
Anandha Ray has two masters degrees in dance. One is in Choreography with an emphasis on Emotional Expressiveness of Movement, with a second major in Kinesiology (the study of movement). The other masters degree is in Dance/Movement Therapy. 

Combining these three areas of expertise, with over 30 years experience as an award-winning professional choreographer, 
she has culled  "Tribal Secrets"; a succinct, precise manner of revealing "secrets" about dance 
that are often absorbed only by professional dancers and only taught through 
experiences that help one figure it out themselves.
Performance and Choreography nuances!

Quimera Tribe and Tribal Secrets founder, Anandha Ray...

has been on a lifelong path of 

searching for the absolutely new in dance.  

Walking the edge, 

she has been widely recognized 

for her contributions to the art form of dance.


Non-Gender Partnering, 

before the dance world knew that women could lift


Expressive Movement Processing, 

also called Waking Dreams, 

a unique method for training the psychology of performance


Intuitive Technique, 

rogue pedagogic methodology that breaks open 

previous notions about training dancers


Quimera Technique, 

a form of performance and training that blends 

dance genres to create a most innovative movement vocabulary

has spent a lifetime learning about, 

teaching, performing, directing and producing dance.  

Her artistic vision explores the dark side of humanity, 

shedding light on the darkness of the human condition 

in an effort to transform the division between the darkness and the light, that all may exist in the balance point between the two... 

and the play of light and shadow 

create a rich and satisfying life.  

Dance Noir is Ray's explorations into shadow, 

both figuratively and literally, 

in the creation of dance works 

that illuminate the human soul.