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The Iseum of Quimera     Create your Medicine Bag     Compiled by Anandha Ray

Directions for creating a Medicine Bag with a flap

Cut your shape

Place inside out

Punch lacing holes

To avoid knotting the sinew, 

begin lacing upward from the 4th hole (above)

then turn the needle around at the top hole

and lace all the way to the bottom (below)


You can do this by drawing the shape of the bag on paper.  

Then to make a bag that size, you need to trace the design ADDING ABOUT 1/2 INCH all the way around to have enough room to lace the bag and turn in inside out.

The bag to the left is cut out and although you can barely tell in the photo the back piece of leather has ad additional flap whereas the front piece is cut straight across to make an opening for the bag.

You may be able to tell that the bag to the left is one piece of leather that is folded at the bottom, it can also be two pieces that you sew together all the way around.


Using a leather hole cutter punch holes into the leather all the way around.  Make the holes about 1/4 inch apart.  PUT THE PART OF THE LEATHER THAT YOU WANT TO SHOW TOGETHER SO IT IS INSIDE OUT BEFORE YOU PUNCH THE HOLES. 

Important: Punch both pieces of leather at the same time.

Once you have punch the holes, YOU LACE THE SEAMS

TURN THE BAG INSIDE OUT TO LACE IT (the side you want to have show is on the inside when you lace it)

In a Medicine Bag there are NO KNOTS.  Knots stop the flow of energy.

So there are tricks to keep the bag together.

Count down from the top of your bag about 4 holes.  Then, starting in the 4th hole lace upward toward the top of the bag.  

LACE by putting the needle in and out of each hole. 

When you first start, pull the sinew all the way to the end, so that very little is sticking out of the 5th hole.

Only a single strand of sinew is needed.  

When you reach the top hole, turn the need downwards and then lace all the way around the bag.  The lace will be secure because you laced up and then down.

Because this bag is folded, I didn;t lace all the way around, so I finished lacing this side by going      

     first up from the middle

     then down to the bottom

     then up to the middle

No knot and it is completely secure.

To the LEFT you can see the bag is laced and I am pulling the needle through the final hole in the middle of the side of the bag. 

Note: if you finished at the top, that extra tail of sinew would stick out of the top of the bag.

Then lace to from the bottom to the fourth hole and cut off the extra sinew.


Then punch four holes in the bag:

• two on the flap and 

• use a marking pen to mark where the holes line up on the bag... 

• then punch two on the bag where the marks are.

Put a piece of lacing through the holes in the bag so that the leather sticks out in the front as pictured. Make it long.

The put those through the holes on the flap. You do not need to tie it and the flap will stay down.

Now you need to ADD A STRAP.

BELOW: Examples of added charms and fringe to flap bags
Made by Bay Area 2017 Iseum of Quimera Priestess Initiates Amelia, Treestar and Lael.