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The Iseum of Quimera     Create your Medicine Bag     Compiled by Anandha Ray

Directions for creating a Medicine Bag STRAP 


This is called a slip knot, 

but it is actually loops that keep the flow of energy 


punch two holes in the top rear of the bag and 

place the leather through the bag.

Measure the length you want the bag to hang and 

then add about 8 inches more to have plenty of room to tie the loops.

Using a leather strapping (I prefer round leather cord about 1.5 mm) tart by crossing the ends of the strap.

Then loop one end in the other direction.

Then loop that same end in the opposite direction, creating TWO LOOPED ENDS

Then you begin twisting the strap around the middle cords

Then put the loose end through the loop that is left at the top after you have twisted the cord around several times.

Then pull it through tight.  Your loop may still be large at this point.  Pull on the straps coming out the bottom and one of them will tighten the loop to secure the cord in place without a knot.

Then do the same thing on the other side.  You will have two slip knots that allow you to adjust the length of the cord so that the bag can hang higher or lower.

The finished bag has an adjustable strap.

Lacing your Traditional Medicine Bag

Put the cord through the holes in the bag from one side to the other. There are 6 holes on each side of this bag.

Turn it over and go through the holes on the other side.

Turn it over and go through the holes on the other side again.

The  cord pulls to tighten and loosen the bag easily.  You can attach a crystal or charm on the front of the bag as desired.