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The Iseum of Quimera     Create your Medicine Bag     Compiled by Anandha Ray

Directions for creating a Prayer Bag 

Cut your shape

and place tobacco and 

any other items you wish to hold your prayers

I use sinew for the Prayer Bags.  

You can also use string or round leather strapping.

To avoid knotting the sinew, 

we will loop the sinew over the bag to keep it secure.

Choose a long piece of sinew (as long as you want your strap plus about 8 inches).

Loop it over the top.


It does not have to be a perfect circle.

In fact looks cooler if it is not.

Place a pinch of tobacco in the center.  Tobacco is a sacred plant for prayers.  

You can add personal elements to carry your prayers as well.  Often a quartz crystal (whole or powdered) is included because this energy helps send our prayers.

Pinch your bag into a pocket that can be tied.

NOTICE how the bag is being held as I create a loop with the sinew.  The sinew is making a shape like a cursive "p", with the tail of the "p" being closest to us.  The tail is in FRONT of the loop. 

This is important.

"P" shape with the tail in the front.

Then put the loop over the top of the bag.  

Then when you pull on the loop it will tighten around the bag

Pull to tighten.

Repeat these steps twice.         "P" shape...

Loop over the top and tighten it.

Now learn to 


to finish your Prayer Bag

Now you need to ADD A STRAP.

BELOW: A prayer bag made from brown suede and black sinew 
made by Iseum of Quimera 2017 Initate, Katherine