The Iseum of Quimera

Tribal Secrets


Sangre de Quimera Instructions


 All or most ingredients can be purchased from your average grocery store (with the exception of the essential oils. If you are not using doTerra, make sure to use food-grade essential oils). Note that It is acceptable to make substitutions as needed, such as pre-ground allspice instead of freshly crushed, dried rose petals instead of fresh, etc.

  • Rose petals (from about 10 roses)

  • 2 pounds hibiscus petals
  • 3 bottles 100% grape juice (64 oz each x 3)
  • 6 bottles white tequila (750 mL each x 6)
  • 2 bottles cinnamon essential oil, doTerra (5 mL each x 2)
  • 2 bottles wild orange essential oil, doTerra (15 mL x 2)
  • 4 packages whole cinnamon sticks, crushed (0.65 oz each x 4)
  • 2 tbsp crushed allspice
  • Sliced oranges (lots of them!)
  • Step by Step Instructions

    1) Get a large vat (a large metal cooking pot or glass container works well)

    2) Add all ingredients to the container

    3) Maintain conscious intentions throughout the process of adding each ingredient.

    4) Have each priestess (or initiate) stir the mixture and infuse with a blessing or prayer.

        a) The prayer often infused is "May this sacrament strengthen the prayers of all those who drink it."

        b) Each person stirs and infuses with prayer

    5) Stir the sacrament and infuse with prayer every day for 28 days (new moon to new moon)

        a) Cover the container with a lid when not stirring. It does not need refrigeration, but keep it indoors and out of direct sunlight.