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The Iseum of Quimera          Writing Blessings, Prayers      Compiled by Anandha Ray

and your "Go-To" Blessing

Blessings and Prayers can be done with the receiver standing or seated or seated or lying down.

The Priest/ess stands.  The Priestess is generally either behind or beside the one receiving the blessing or facing a group.

Blessings and Prayers can both have a laying on of hands in order that the energies flow through you into the recipient, and often that is a most welcomed touch.  However, simply raising your hands and directing them to the recipient works to direct energies their way as well.  

Blessings can be offered when anointing or smudging as well, and the words chosen would be chosen to support the intention of the gathering.


Call on your own higher self or a god/dess to guide you in calling forth specific energies for a purpose.  They are either you speaking, or you speaking on behalf of a god/dess.


Are a request of a diety or god/dess.

It is you speaking TO a god/dess or diety.


In general, when giving a blessing you are speaking on behalf of your deity or guides.  

You call upon them to offer you the words that will create the most affirming blessing and to send energies toward that intention.  

As opposed to a prayer, in which you ask the deity for their help, in a blessing you channel the energies of the deity directly to the recipient.

     1. Call in your deity (aloud or silently)

     2. Offer Gratitude

     3. Offer words that bring into the world that which you request or value. 

"In the name of Isis I call in the universal energies of healing and vitality, that they may be channeled into the body my father, Donald Ross Williamson.  May his footsteps on this planet be strong and many. May he walk with determination and passion for many years to come.  May his life be a testament to the power of non-duality and the effects of his life be a service to mankind."

Why Call in a Diety/God?

Because you are calling on the god/dess or diety which you serve to fortify the energies you channel for th is purpose.  You do not have to speak aloud the god/dess or deity, it can be that you just acknowledge him/her silently.

Why speak gratitude?

Embodying gratitude brings the mind to a state of receptiveness.

What does "bring into the world that which you request or value" mean?
Speak the words that reflect the goal of the blessing/annointing/smudging... or when there is no specific goal, use your "go-to" blessing.


Generally a general blessing is suitable for a congregation of people, when one is addressing the needs of the many.  A general blessing can be done to individuals as well.  The "go-to" blessing example to the right is a general blessing (one that is not for a specific person or need).


Generally personal blessings are done to assist someone when they have a specific need, such as a spiritual or physical illness as teh example above does. 

Personal blessings are based on the specific needs of an individual or group.  Call in the words that will most support their needs.  Even when doing personal blessings you can end with your “go to” blessing if it supports the integrity of the offering.


As a priest/ess, we each have a “go to” blessing.  It states what you most value.  If you value helping people heal so that every person can make the world a better place by having been here, then that is your “go to” blessing.  You call in that which you want to see in the world. 

Your "go-to" blessing is the blessing that you will have at the ready that states what YOUR values are. For example, Anandha's go-to blessing is based on the idea of humanity achieving peace based on living without judgement (non-duality) so it would sound something like this (with variations, it is NOT memorized... it is a CONCEPT that you speak differently each time): 

A version of Anandha's go-to blessing:
"May you find peace as you walk upon the stones of your life, and may your footsteps land softly upon the planet. As we each look forward to the path that is laid out before us, may we seek a journey that soothes not just our soul, but all those around us. May we value the darkness and the lessons therein as much as we value the light, and may we each find support in the moments of darkness, and find comfort in supporting others who are in need."


In general, prayers are basically the same as a blessing, but made as a request TO a specific deity or to the universal energies that guide all creation. 

      1. Call in your deity
      2. Offer Gratitude

      3. Make your request

      4. Offering (thanks or a commitment of action or thinking)

"Dear God, 

Thank you so much for this beautiful day.  Please offer support to my father as he heals from his surgery.  I offer you my pledge of support by making a pledge to fast from sugar for a month."

Why Call in a Diety/God?

Because a prayer is a request for help from someone even if  universal energy that many call God.  Naming it gives it power.

Why speak gratitude?

Embodying gratitude brings the mind to a state of receptiveness.

Why make an offering?

Balancing the energies of receiving with giving allow the energy of the prayer to be in integrity.