The Iseum of Quimera

Tribal Secrets


Mother Teresa's Prayer.

"People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.

             Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.

             Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.

             Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.

             Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.

            Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.

            Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten.

            Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.

            Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.

It was never between you and them anyway."

                              -Mother Teresa

The Quimera Tribe Oath of Truth 

This oath is the foundation upon which the members and Elders of Quimera Tribe build our community.  We take this oath and promise to do the inner work necessary to be strong in word and of ear, and to bow to the wisdom of each other in grace.  

"I dedicate myself to consciously do the work everyday to face my fears, to really see myself, and to be the pure vessel for the positive growth of humanity and our planet.  

I take this oath to face the darkness and my personal fears, seeing the value of this as equal to the value of the light.  

Furthermore I take an oath to do so everyday for the rest of my life, with an intention to surround myself with others who seek the same goals."  

This has become a primarily oath to be accepted into the Quimera Tribe, where in the safety of trusting each other's motivations, we can be a source of inspiration and motivation for each other.

This oath is the foundation upon which the members and Elders of Quimera Tribe build our community. We take this as a blood oath and promise to do the inner work necessary to be strong in word and of ear, and to bow to the wisdom of each other in grace.

The History of the Oath (by Anandha Ray)

We become more like the top 5 people that we spend our time with.  If the important people in our life are those we will begin to become more like, it is important that we CHOOSE CAREFULLY those people.  This oath assures that we who choose to walk this path together are on the same page, will strive to be the best that we can become, will seek solutions rather than point out problems, and will hold each other to these high standards.

An environment of SACRED SACRIFICE

These days, we are all taught to be really aware of our own needs, to speak them and get them met.  This is the backlash to the earlier generation where we did not speak our needs or get them met.  In the earlier generations group consciousness was profound, but individuals got lost.  Today it is the reverse.  In Quimera we have the abundant opportunity to learn about group consciousness again, from a healthy viewpoint.  We learn to sacrifice little needs (and sometimes important ones) because it is in the best interest of the group, which in turn is in our own best interest.  Sometimes we won't feel like doing something that is asked of us, but to refuse will disrupt the workings of the group, so we do it anyway.  It is a small effort like this that keeps the integrity of the group whole.  When, for example, someone misses a meeting because they just didn't feel like coming today, then others each in turn will think that is OK for them as well.  Pretty soon there is NO meeting with everyone in attendance.  Thus, we learn and stick to the rules and are disciplined within the expectations of our community.  We rise to the occasion and discover that when we push ourselves to be the best we can be, we have so much more to offer!


Gossip is a damaging human trait that is of the lowest levels of our spirit.  What's worse, we can easily defend it.  People gossip for many reasons, all of which as subconscious at best and manipulative at worst.  

In the Isuem of Quimera and Quimera Tribe, we do not gossip.  

How do we avoid gossip?

We DO speak honestly, knowing that each of us is human and will make mistakes and have faults.  

We DO problem solve with each other about the highest energy manner to handle situations that arise. 

We DO face our own shadows and recognize that what bothers us in others is a reflection of what is hidden among our inner shadows and we then own that as our own.

We DO ask each other for help when needed, in problem solving for the highest good.

We DO problem solve, rather than complain.

We DO trust our leaders, and speak privately as needed.

More on gossip, From Anandha, this is the source of the writing of our Oath of Truth:

"I awoke this morning from a dream that has been with me all day.  It gives me compassion for those who are victims of gossip.  

"When I entered the Tribal Fusion Bellydance world I was immediately introduced to the underbelly of gossip (multiple stories of someone that I had met but did not know well).  I am not emotionally equipped to handle gossip, and really try to create a world where the speaking of negative things is done only in the name of problem solving a solution.  Definitely never defiling another's character, or trying to get them blacklisted from working with anyone else.  The person who talks poorly of others WILL talk poorly of you one day!  

"I know that things people say are like the game of "Telephone", and seriously nothing said about another can be taken to be truth.  there may be an element of truth, but by the nature of one person telling you their side of ANYTHING, it cannot be the whole truth.  We perceive from our own viewpoint.  Our perceptions taint what we see as truth.  The when that gossip is retold by another, it automatically becomes further from the truth and more exaggerated.  There is no honor in this.

"And I am aware that there is a human instinct to gang up against others.  Gossip serves a purpose for the people who are GOSSIPERS... it bonds them together against a common enemy.  It can be a seductive tool in making the gossipers feel close, safe with each other, and like they have a place to belong.  But it is not in truth a safe place.  We ALL know that those who gossip WILL EVENTUALLY gossip against each other.

"And why do people speak poorly of others?  Fear.  That's the ONLY reason.  Often it's a fear that shows itself as a dislike of anyone who has a trait that reminds us of something we don't like about ourselves but have buried in our subconscious.  Or a fear that our worst judgement against our self is true and this other person somehow makes us face this.  And if we don't have the inner strength to do the work required to face our fear, it's an easy solution to make the other person bad.  Then we can point the finger outward.  And if we can get other people to point the finger at them too, then we prove to ourselves that our worst held fear about ourself could not be true, because everyone agrees it's them and thus by default it is not us.

"This is my call out to the dance world and beyond... 

"Mind your words.  

"Mind your ears.

"All evolved humans know better than to gossip.  Choose who is it with whom you wish to surround yourself.  We become like the people with whom we most associate.  Research shows that our personalities change to be like the top 5 people in our lives.

"Choose well.  We can't change others... only ourselves.

"Protect the dance world and our communities.  Protect each other.  When you hear gossip, encourage the speaker to seek to resolve the issue with the person they gossip about.  Suggest forgiveness, understanding, and stepping outside of one's ego.  Then, if the efforts are made and the issue cannot be resolved, simply send love to that person from afar.  There is no need to try to effect the perspectives of others against anyone just to justify oneself.  Do the work to release anger.  Send love.

"If you find yourself gossiping, seek your goal in the conversation.  Do you need understanding?  Do you have unresolved anger and so you wish the whole world to turn against this person?  Then focus on YOURSELF, problem solve to figure out how to BE AT PEACE WITHIN yourself.  Walking the Earth with unresolved anger eats away at your own spirit.  Staying angry with another, just makes us angry people.

"Live in hope!  

"Living in hope comes from checking our own perspectives on things before trying to influence the perspectives of others.  It takes humility and inner work.  Until we hear from the other person's perspective (rather than imagining their motives from what we know of our OWN motives in similar situations), we cannot know truth.

"We can't avoid drama, there will always be people who just rub us the wrong way. But we can avoid reacting to drama in our old "knee jerk" reaction (particularly assumptions and gossip).  Instead? Be responsive!  Look at all sides of every issue without trying to make ourselves "right".  Be kind in our assumptions of others.  Especially since WHAT WE ASSUME ABOUT OTHERS SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT OURSELVES, more so than about the others.

"When something seems really out of sorts it is so easy to assume the worst.  JUST SAY NO.  Allow yourself to be a kinder more loving person from the inside.  Live responsively rather than reactively, being positive when others would easily become negative.

"For my part I send the world an apology for every unkind word I have said, for every assumption I believed to be true, for every time I took a gossiper at their word and especially for every time I passed on any sort of gossip.  I am human, cannot be perfect, but will strive never to have the internal fear that is the engine of gossip and mean behavior.  

"I dedicate myself to consciously do the work everyday to face my fears, to really see myself, and to be the pure vessel for the positive growth of humanity and our planet.

"And I take an oath to do so everyday for the rest of my life.  And to surround myself with others who have the same goals."        

                                                               -Anandha Ray, 2013