The Iseum of Quimera

Tribal Secrets


Embracing the Silent Knowing

STEP ONE: Become comfortable with the UNKNOWN, we will practice and master the "Silent Knowing".

As we work in ceremony and performance, we must tune in to the inner silence, and become comfortable in that place where the mind is still, and we FEEL, but those feelings are not validated by a WORD that describes them... in fact, the defy description.  Language is limiting our ability to feel!  Our need to label everything in order to understand it, causes us to only recognize those things we can put into our WORD BOXES.  And there is so much more!   

It is in this place where the mind is silent and we KNOW ourselves, that we are truly free of the external doings of BEING HUMAN, and we reach our most inner self.  When we find the ability to stir the inner juiciness and feel what comes to the top... and not have to define it with words -yet be fully present in the BEING of what it is... then we know ourselves well enough to channel ritual performances.  

This take much practice... dancing while tuning into this unfamiliar place of feeling nameless emotions ad reactions, and letting it BE.  It takes much practice performing in our ceremonies like this, before we can take it to ritual performances, because we must be the master of our thoughts and we must be the master of staying connected with feeling.  This place of Silent Knowing.  This is the place of Shamanic Fusion Ritual Performances!

An article that I highly recommend is available here.  It was written for the energies of Nov 2014, but it has amazing truth that is timeless.